​​​​​FinStart is a community. 

We rely on feedback from users,​ educators, financial institutions, and parents as we continue to build FinStart.

FinStart for Teachers offers high school teaching resources, including lesson plans, activities, and real-life case studies - at no cost to users.

Watch a 6-minute video, Teaching with FinStart.

Certain things are best done at certain ages.

​​FinStart's Toolkit is an online bootcamp. It's interactive learning - games, quizzes, case studies to solve using our research tables and checklists, and interactive stories.  They help you build, trouble-shoot, and maintain your financial set-up.  Try it!

 FinStart's Library presents the same material in e-book format - for ease of reference.

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Are you starting high school, turning 17/18, getting close to the age of majority, or living on your own? 

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FinStart is a Canadian financial literacy platform

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