• Over 300 teachers across Canada engaged with FinStart
  • We are adding new interactive learning modules, with a focus on decision-making frameworks. For example, how to apply them to deciding whether, and how much, student debt is sensible, and how to become a financially savvy consumer.
  • "Bringing Finance to Your Classroom", our newsletter for teachers, is broadening the scope of topics we cover to include inflation, interest rates, and currencies. 
  • ​​We had an opportunity to participate in an international and multicultural startup accelerator, where we shared experiences with 11 other fintech and edtech startups that aim at creating social impact through improving financial literacy

"When I saw how interactive and fun to use it is, I thought it will be a fantastic resource."

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FinStart was created by a small group of financial professionals with years of experience  in the sector.

Our growing roster of advisors and supporters includes individuals with backgrounds in teaching, pension investment management, private equity, risk management, and banking.  As we go along, we collect feedback from teachers, students and young adults and keep enhancing the FinStart platform.

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  • New Ontario financial literacy curriculum for GLC20 (Grade 10 Careers) created an urgent need for new teaching resources
  • FinStart responded with a 'course binder' for the financial literacy component of GLC20, developed in partnership with experienced teachers. This included a curriculum-matching lesson plan, accompanied by classroom / homework activities

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"The financial parent I never had!"

"The case study, to me, is the most helpful as it forces problem solving."

"I wish something like this was available when I was growing up!"

  • 180 teachers across Ontario engaged with FinStart
  • Our Teacher Portal, with its growing resources such as activities, case studies, and problem sets, became the focal point for teacher access and collaboration
  • We incorporated insights from focus groups with the graduating class the Education Department of a major Ontario university
  • ​We co-authored an article about FinStart classroom resources in The Rapport on the Ontario History and Social Science Teachers' Association. Read the article here
  • 267 teachers across Canada engaged with FinStart
  • We matched our content to all provincial curricula
  • COVID-19 heightened the need for FinStart's online resources
  • We added progress tracking and verification codes to FinStart's interactive learning modules to allow teachers to monitor completion
  • We respect student privacy - no registration or personal information are required to access the interactive learning modules
  • We created a newsletter for teachers, "Bringing Finance to Your Classroom", to delivery timely and professional content
  • We wrote "Nudged Into Financial Literacy", a reflection on our experience with financial literacy, framed by a a review of 82 academic papers that covered over 300 studies. You can read it here
  • ​We responded to the call for consultative papers on financial literacy from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Review our submission here
  • A small group of financial professionals built a self-study website for young adults

  • We tested the first version through focus groups in high schools and among college-age young adults

"I am teaching a vocational course that is attempting to teach the realities of financial responsibility to students. Your material looks excellent."

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"I explored several lessons and found the material engaging and relevant for students."