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Joanna is a former managing director of the capital markets division of one of the Canadian banks.  She remains involved in the financial industry and started a few other interesting projects. www.linkedin.com/in/joannazapior/

​Konrad is a young adult with interest in making finance accessible to his peers. He just passed the Qualified Associate Financial Planner exam.

Samantha has extensive capital markets experience in investment banking, derivatives, debt origination, insurance and investor relations. www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-cheung-03/

Cecil's experience is in quantitative trading, data-science, and e-commerce - in Canada, the US and Asia. Cecil thinks some ideas are worth pursuing, like social enterprise and innovation in education.  


​"I wish something like this was available

when I was growing up."

Finstart is a community

FinStart was created by a small group of financial professionals with years of experience working in the sector. Our growing roster of advisors and supporters includes individuals with backgrounds in teaching, pension investment management, private equity, risk management, and banking.  

As we go along, we collect feedback from teachers, students and young adults and keep enhancing the FinStart platform.

"My mom set up my chequing account when I was 15 and did everything for me. FinStart helped me build the confidence to own my finances."

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​​​​​about finstart

FinStart contributes to financial literacy among youth and young adults. It aims to ‘teach by doing’.

FinStart checklists in the Step-by-Step Toolkit can actually be 'taken to the bank' when needed - they help young adults gradually build confidence about their financial abilities. 

FinStart's teaching resources match provincial and territorial curricula and are integrated with the Step-by-Step Toolkit. They are case study- and problem-based. ​​

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