closing a chequing


before you close your chequing account

Make sure your new account is open. 

Login to your old bank account online. Review your transactions. You're looking for:

  • Pre-authorized payments (automated regular payments you make, like your phone or credit card bill)
  • Direct deposits (automated regular payments you receive, like your paycheque).

Transfer your payments and deposits to your new account. You'll need to call your providers and employers directly or contact them online.

E-transfer your money from the old account to your new account.

at the bank - closing Your account

Go to your old bank in person - some banks charge fees if you close accounts online / by phone. 

The banker may ask you why you're closing the account. 
Tell the truth – that you found an offer that suits you better. The banker may try to match the offer - it's up to you to decide.