Terms of Use for Teachers

FinStart makes available certain resources to teachers who register with us such that they can use them to work with students in order to provide such students with tutorial or educational services as part of the school's curriculum or as an extra-curricular activity, and to review and evaluate educational achievement and progress of such students. If you are accessing our resources on behalf of a school, school district, or any educational institution, the following terms apply to you:
(a) Limitations on Use. FinStart's website and resources are provided to you for educational purposes as part of the school curriculum. You must use them in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or otherwise exploit for any commercial purpose, any portion of our website or any resources we share with you.

(b) Responsibility for Consent and Notices. You and your school assume sole responsibility for obtaining any consents required from parents or guardians, and for providing appropriate disclosures to users and their parents regarding their use of our resources and our terms of use. You agree to be bound by these terms. Specifically you agree, individually and on behalf of the institution, that:
(i) You assume sole responsibility for providing appropriate notices and disclosures to students accessing our resources for classroom use and their parents regarding the students' use of our website and any resources we share with you and our terms.

(ii) You assume sole responsibility for obtaining any consents required from parents or guardians in connection with accessing our website and other resources for classroom use. You represent and warrant to FinStart that, prior to using our website and resources with students, you have either obtained all necessary parent or guardian consents, or have complied and will comply with all applicable requirements of an exemption from or exception to parental consent requirements. 
(c) Use of Integrated Services. If you choose to allow your students to use another service, such as Google Classroom, in conjunction with using FinStart's website and other resources, you are responsible for educating your students on the proper use of integrated services. 

Terms of Use of Teachers apply in conjunction with our general Terms of Use.

​​​teaching with finstart is simple

Click on the image below to watch a 5-minute video about teaching with FinStart. 

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​​​finstart for students

FinStart is a self-study financial literacy platform for young adults. Our modular and interactive learning platform ‘teaches by doing’.

We want to engage, inspire, and inform every student by giving them the right tools to manage their financial set-up, with confidence and competence.

Certain things are best done at certain ages. FinStart modules trace the personal financial journey from high school to independent / adult life.  
Students learn about various financial products – what they are, how they’re used, and why they’re important.

They’ll utilize this information, along with key-feature comparison tables, to evaluate products and providers.They’ll analyze advertising messages, identify common pitfalls, and select the best product combinations for their needs, empowering them to become astute consumers.

​​​finstart for teachers

FinStart includes a virtual Grade 10 Careers (financial literacy) course binder and activities for a variety of other subjects, jointly created by experienced teachers and financial professionals. 

The course binder works seamlessly with our self-study website and includes a lesson plan, topic-specific handouts, group / culminating activities, work sheets, and financial literacy case studies / problems /answer keys.

Teachers are welcome to use our resources, at no cost.  FinStart is a collaborative project - we are a community.  We only ask that you:

  • Register on our Teacher Portal to access the most current materials.
  • Give us feedback and share your ideas to enhance the resources for other users. 

For high school teachers:

FinStart's lesson plan and accompanying course binder match Strand C2 of the new Ontario Grade 10 Career Studies Curriculum - Budgeting and Financial Management.

For college and university professors / lecturers across Canada:

FinStart's teaching resources adapt well to the post-secondary environment. They're perfect for intermediate financial literacy refreshers during frosh week and advanced financial bootcamps ahead of graduation.  

FinStart’s self-study platform takes students on a financial literacy journey.

We give teachers access to resources

that help guide and evaluate their students along the way.