selling index mutual funds

​​When you decide to cash out, you’ll have to sell your index mutual funds back to the bank.

  • You'll be selling at the end-of-day price so you won't know it in advance – but you should check the previous day’s price on the fund’s website to get an estimate.
  • You must hold the fund for 30 days before selling it/switching to another fund to avoid extra fees (usually 2% of your fund's value)​.

Check with your bank before you sell. Check online or call the bank and find out:

  • How to place a sale order.
  • How soon will the proceeds (money) be available.
  • How will you receive them?
  • ​​Is there a minimum balance requirement for your account and what happens if you fall below it (fees / penalties)?

After you place the order,check your account online the next day to make sure the transaction has gone through as expected and your money is in the account.

sell mutual funds